Thursday, September 07, 2006

Off to L.A.

Well, been a while, hasn't it?

I so meant to do a day-by-day report of my trip to New York, but the connection problems in the hotel were so miserable (I never knew from night to night -- hell, from moment to moment -- whether I'd have a wireless connection) that it just wasn't worth it.

Of course, why that's prevented me from writing anything for the three months since is a cosmic mystery.

Anyway, I'm going to Los Angeles tomorrow for a quick trip. The Director's Lab Gold Medal Class of '04 is having a reunion, so my plan is to go down Friday afternoon, have dinner (I crave a Big Boy combo) and see a movie (probably "Idiocracy"), breakfast Saturday (brunch with Kathy), followed by a matinee of "Curtains," then the reunion, and straight to the airport from there. I do tend to cram things in. Strange trip, though; between the inability to take any liquids (or toiletries) on the plane and the whole leave-Friday-afternoon-return-Saturday-night aspect, it's damn odd. I hate the idea of having to buy a stick of deodorant and a tube of toothpaste just to throw them out. Makes me wonder if the whole London terrorism plot was a massive scheme of the part of the personal care cartel.

"Rosencrantz & Guildenstern" actually ended up going pretty well. I was happy overall, and Pidge thought it was some of the best work I've done. so that's the only validation I really need. (We'll see how that translates to "Mrs. Bob.") The reviews were good, though, and we sold out the run, so that's the other important validation. They're doing "Midsummer" next year, and I wouldn't mind being asked back at all.

Getting ready for "Mrs. Bob" auditions in a couple of weeks. My perfect cast has thinned out some; two of my "sure things" opted out, and I have a feeling that two more may join them. I probably won't have trouble filling their shoes, but can't vouch for the quality. Not that the subs will be bad; it's just that they won't be my first choices.

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KGT said...

Jeez--about time you posted, Dave. I was going mad wondering what had happened since NY.

Sounds like a whirlwind trip to L.A.--have fun. Carrie Wintersteen was supposed to convey my love and affection to Pidge when she saw her in Pittsburgh--please ascertain for me whether this actually occurred, will you?