Sunday, January 15, 2012

National Gorilla Suit Day (1/30/08)

Under normal circumstances, we'd be spending today celebrating National Gorilla Suit Day with millions of others. It's a day dedicated not only to simian impersonation, but also to the work of Don Martin -- also known as Mad Magazine's "Maddest Artist" -- who created the holiday.

Unfortunately, Mr. Martin's widow has
requested that the holiday go unrecognized this year. Far be it from us to override Mrs. Martin's wishes, but for those who grew up with his cartoons, the chance to celebrate the man who created such characters as Fester Bestertester and Captain Klutz is irresistible. From 1956 to 1988, hardly an issue of Mad went by without Martin's cartoons, always accompanied by his trademark sound effects, ranging from "Fagroon Klubble Klubble" (to represent a food market falling down) to "Stoopft!" (the sound of a man in a bird suit crashing to the ground).

So what are we to do? While we'd never want to deny the Martin family the right to celebrate this day in their own way, we also feel a need to commemorate it -- somehow. Our best solution? Perhaps either a day
duck hunting or, better yet, a fine meal at a fancy restaurant.

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