Monday, February 20, 2006

Dreading Tuesday

You'd think going back to work wouldn't be all -that- taxing, would you? Especially since I plan on being in the office only three days this week. It's just the thought of it that stinks, y'know? I do love the time off. I gotta win the lotto.

Had a thrilling day. Got hooked on "Project Runway" (they ran a marathon today), went grocery shopping (spent 0ver 200 bucks (!), but I can't remember the last time we went grocery shopping, so it's not -that- bad), cooked a new chicken recipe that was very successful (if I say so myself), and vaccuumed -- and there's laundry to do tomorrow!

I was asked what "Davecon" is, and it's fairly straightforward. Once a year, the more aggresive and notorious members of the newsgroup gather in New York to see the show, go out for drinks afterwards (usually spending 50 bucks or so to get not near enough hors d'oeuvres or drinks; I'm thinking of passing on the food this year), go out for more drinks after that, and hang out. I use it as an excuse to see a bunch of shows, sightsee (though at this point, there's not a helluca lot I "need" to sightsee), see some friends, and just generally be in NYC. (And since I'm a director, it's mostly tax-deductable as a business/research expense.) Every time I'm there, I wonder if I coulda handled living in New York, and think I could still do it now, but then I realize I'll be 50 in less than a month and laugh and laugh.

Can't think of another damn thing to write. So I'll chalk this up more to just keeping this thing going than to saying anything profound.

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