Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Just Pathetic

The way I've gotten hooked on the "Project Runway." Obviously, I'm not a fashion maven, but it's always fascinating watching these people try to backstab each other and outmaneuver each other. That why I love "The Apprentice" and "The Amazing Race" so much.

Had an interesting experience tonight. I was coming home from the PSP directors' meeting (and guess what?! I have to dig up my own designers again!) and saw a cop in back of me. Being no fool (at least in this regard), I watched my speed and drove carefully -- maybe too carefully, as I soon saw the red and blue lights and pulled over. I turned off the engine, pulled my license out of my wallet, and waited. Sure enough, here comes the cop, shining the flashlight in my face, asks me for my registration and insurance. He looks them over, and asks if I know why he pulled me over. I say, with all honesty, "no." And he asks if I'd been smoking a cigarette and tossed it out of the window so that it hit his car. I replied, with even more honesty, "No; I don't smoke." He took a beat, said that he didn't smell anything and that it must have been the car in front of me (which I didn't recall seeing, but what the hey . . .). He let me go and wished me a good evening. After I started up the car again, it dawned on me that the cigarette butt thing had probably happened, and he probably thought it was a joint (which would be a logical assumption: "Oh shit, a cop; dump the dope"). Regardless, it was odd.

Getting a laptop at work tomorrow -- after only seven years. I'm very apprehensive about it; I've gotten so used to using my desktop tower as a footrest, I'm going to have to find a substitute; that and the whole VPN thing. I just -know- I'm going to have a lot of trouble logging in. On the bright side, I get to take off early since it'll take four hours for them to transfer all my data and I can't be on the network during that time.

I have to look over my plays and see if there's anything downstairs I can pitch to Pacifica. I'm tempted to pitch "Mrs. California" there, too, but I don't know if CCT is interested and if they take me and it, I'd end up directing it twice or have to pull another script out of my ass. Regardless, I'll pitch "She Loves Me" and I'm sure I'll be able to find something else. Though with PSP's audience ("Baby" and "Don Juan" don't draw flies, but "I Remember Mama" and "Heckle and Jeckle" make a ton of money? Bah.), who knows what's either viable or doable with their limited technical resources.

On a brighter note, I saw a 33-pound Chinese cat on Keith Olbermann's show tonight. He looked like a Volkswagen.

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