Monday, February 20, 2006

Jumping In, Feet First

Am I really the last person on Earth to start a blog? I guess I can't be; I mean, I already started on on Blogger, but never added anything once I started it -- like everyone else. I sit here are 2 am, watching reruns of the Olympics that are almost as old at the original game (the Greek ones, I mean) because there's nothing else on. I suppose I should turn in, especially since I have to get up and go to the closing performance of "Driving Miss Daisy" tomorrow (I'm taping it). We closed "Don Juan in Hell" tonight. Good show, but the 16 people who were there couldn't leave fast enough (they were responsive, though), and Pidge was hampered by having thrown her back out again. (She threw it out Thursday and was making progress until she bent over to pick up the garbage can lid. I came home from the gorcery store to find her sobbing on the living room floor from the pain. It got a little better as the day went on, but it's still not good.) All in all, a mediocre experience. I was glad to get back on stage -- especially after the "Urinetown" fiasco -- but it wasn't all it might have been and, being a show in Pacifica, didn't draw flies. This is definitely something that I plan on trying to change by the time "Mrs. Bob Cratchit" rolls around. I'm gonna take out a damn ad in the Chronicle, and hopefully get more than 15 people in the house.

Looked at hotels for my NY trip in May/June (DaveCon 2006 lurks), and was stunned at how much prices have gone up. Even staying in a cheap place is gonna be close to $2500 -- and that's not counting plane fare or tickets or food. I'll probably end up cashing in some miles and try going first class again. Man, flying first class is like crack; it's the most addictive way to fly. On shorter flights (and I guess St. Louis counts in that category), it's not so bad, but coast-to-coast? Faugh. No contest. Anyway, I looked on Hotwire and actually saw a three-star place for $135 a night in midtown, but may end up with the Casablanca or the Cosmo. God knows I loves the Cosmo, but I also like a place in the theatre district.

Had an epiphany tonight. I was unloading the trunk after we got home from the show -- wanted to take out our scripts and extra water bottles -- and noticed a light switch in the garage that I had never seen in the three years we've lived here. Learn something new every day . . .
Blah blah blah. Let's see if I can keep this damn thing up . . .

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