Thursday, March 26, 2009

Curses! (2/16/06)

When Howard Carter opened King Tutankhamun's tomb on February 16, 1923, he didn't know he was also opening a can of worms, as people began connecting ensuing events and deaths to a curse on Tut's defilers. The superstitious are eager to attribute misfortune to almost anything, and curses have been a favorite for a long time. Presidents elected in years divisible by 20 were doomed -- until Ronald Reagan survived. People in the theater refuse to mention "Macbeth" because of that play's reputation. Baseball fans may be the most curse-conscious of all. The Chicago Cubs will never win a World Series because of a billy goat; the Cleveland Indians sealed their fate by trading a beloved player; and the Red Sox could never win the championship -- until they did. Appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated is sure to guarantee failure. But beware, O Reader Who Scoffs at Such Curses. Those who read this page without passing it on are doomed to a horrid fate!

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