Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Man a Kingfish (6/12/06)

Y'all listen up while we relate the story of the Kingfish. Some o' you know him as Huey Long, but down in Lou'siana, they still call him by his nickname. Huey ran the state back in the '30s, even after he was elected to the Senate -- an' this was after he'd been Gov'nuh for four years, runnin' on the slogan, "Every Man a King." Some say the Kingfish was a dictator, but there are just as many who think he was a real hero to the common folk; he gave 'em roads an' bridges an' schools an' free textbooks. Now, if there was one thing Huey could do, without dispute, it was talk; he could talk a mule into doing the tango. In fact, in 1935, he made the second-longest speech ever heard in the Senate -- took two days to finish. Speakin' of finishes, the Kingfish met his when a political opponent shot him -- or did he?

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