Thursday, March 26, 2009

TV Free Week (4/25/06)

It's TV Turnoff Week, the annual campaign to encourage everyone to get away from the boob tube. We heartily endorse that sentiment, but what else is there to do? Well, we could read a book -- though there's always the risk of eyestrain or a paper cut. And that rerun of Laguna Beach looks awfully tempting. No, we can't give in. Let's head to the kitchen and cook a healthy meal. But maybe that's not so smart; if we get tears in our eyes from chopping onions, we could get a nasty knife gash. Oh, boy! Gastineau Girls is on tonight! We'd better get out of the house altogether and dig into the garden. But what about all those mosquitoes? And we sunburn awfully easily... And isn't Dog the Bounty Hunter on in a little while? Maybe being a couch potato is the only safe course of action, after all -- or maybe not.

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