Thursday, March 26, 2009

Living Martha Stewart (09/21/05)

Imagine this: You look at your to-do list and see that you need to sew a button onto your favorite shirt, redecorate the bedroom, and cook Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 25. Oh, and did we mention that you have to do all these chores at the same time? Can't do it? Martha Stewart could -- and she'd even throw a festive centerpiece and a new line of sheets into the bargain. But even Martha needs some help. And tonight, the search for her protégé begins. As you might expect, the multimedia magnate has chosen only the best candidates. These go-getters include lawyers, cooking teachers, and public relations experts, and their challenges range from running a coffee bar and rewriting fairy tales to devising hotel concepts for "personal renewal." But for all the success these high-powered entrepreneurs have had in their chosen fields, they'd better hope that the Doyenne of Domesticity doesn't give them the task of solving a decorating nightmare.

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