Friday, April 03, 2009

Hey Lena, Where's the Lutefisk? (12/8/06)

In early December, Norwegians shake off the winter cold and lethargy and start to gear up for the end of the year. Time is short and they've got plenty to do: it's time to get the lutefisk ready! Yes, lutefisk, that unique combination of stockfish and lye that even "The Man Who Ate Everything" drew the line at. But Norwegians aren't the only ones who eat unusual things in unusual combinations at holiday time. In Denmark, it's rice pudding, cabbage, and glogg. Finns indulge in liver casserole, gingerbread -- and glogg. Swedes serve up herring, cabbage, beets, and, yes, glogg. Obviously, the North American traditions of turkey, ham, and eggnog haven't made it back to the old country. Looking at the menu, though, is it any wonder that Santa fills up on cookies and milk?

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